Fey Hunter Background

You come from a long line of Fey hunters. Though you weren’t born in a time where the Fey are known to exist, you have still been trained to detect, track, and dispose of any Fey that may have fallen through the cracks.

Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight.
Tool Proficiencies:
Languages: Sylvan/Elvish
Equipment: Fey hunter Sigil/Broach, Traveling cloths, 25gp, Book of Fey lore (gains advantage on any history/knowledge checks involving Fey), (Roll% ^80 Fey Dagger, v79 long sword).

Feature: Magic Sense
You are aware of any magic being used around you (within 60 ft). Any others of the Fey hunter clans will welcome you with open arms, often offering you free food, drink, or lodging. (will recognize you by your sigil)

Fey hunters also gain Fey as an extra language. It can be read, but is not spoken. Though fey spellbooks exist the magic is lost to most, some with fey ancestry are able to so some of the simpler magics.

Fey Hunter Background

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